DAAD Award Presented to RWTH Aachen Student from Cameroon


Gaelle Stephanie Telong Zemaho was awarded the 2016 DAAD Award for Outstanding Achievements and Extraordinary Volunteer Involvement of International Students.

  People smiling into the camera Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter Gaelle Stephanie Telong Zemaho (third from left) delights in receiving the 2016 DAAD Award.

The twenty-nine-year-old from Cameroon, who transferred to RWTH Aachen University from Berlin in 2013, is in the process of completing her Master's studies in industrial engineering. Among others, she is voluntarily advocating for her fellow countrymen by her involvement with the Association des Camerounais d'Aix-la-Chapelle. The award is being financed by the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD, and includes prize money of 1,000 euros. Dr. Henriette Finsterbusch, director of the RWTH Aachen International Office, presented the award.

Alexis Kamewe, chairwoman of the Association des Camerounais d'Aix-la-Chapelle, had nominated Gaelle Telong for the DAAD Award: "Gaelle Telong has contributed to our work in many ways and professionalized our association. Our internet presence has received an update and events have been organized, such as the Aix Afro Festival in July 2016, which highlighted Cameroon culture by offering a weekend-long program of music and dance performances as well as culinary delights."

Dedicated to Integration

Gaelle Telong is dedicated to integreation. She speaks fluent German herself and is very sociable. Her engineering studies at RWTH Aachen are a challenge for her, but they are great fun as well, she says. The awardee would love to stay in Germany after finishing her degree, and she might even consider doctorate studies.

Taking the advantage of the award ceremony at the SuperC building at RWTH Aachen, the International Office offered information about its many offers for students, doctoral candidates, as well as researchers from abroad – whether it be related to appartment hunting or support in applying for scientific funding. There was also a Science Slam on the topic of cancer therapy and Iran-born Azadeh Hartmann-Alampour, a staff member at the International Office and intercultural trainer, offered entertaining insights into German culture.

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