Cutting-Edge Research for the Resources Sector


Securing a sustainable supply of natural resources is one of today’s major global challenges, and it is an important prerequisite for most further developments in technology. Natural resources companies are among the largest companies in the world, and many of them operate under the most difficult and changeable production conditions.

  Gruppenbild Copyright: © Ulrich-Thiele-Stiftung Ulrich Thiele (right) presents a gift to Professor Karl Nienhaus (left) and RWTH Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg.

Against the backdrop of new developments in the Industry 4.0 paradigm, a new professorship is being established at RWTH Aachen University, titled “Advanced Mining Technologies,” AMT for short. It will conduct research that contributes to sustainable and efficient developments in the resources sector.

The professorship is supported through funding from the non-profit Ulrich Thiele Foundation, located in Iserlohn-Kalthof. The Thiele company is a globally active enterprise dedicated to the leading edge in high-load mining components such as chains and associated forged products.

The professorship will be part of the newly renamed Institute of Advanced Mining Technologies, and the appointee will be co-director of the institute. The other co-director will be Professor Karl Nienhaus, currently head of the Institute for Mineral Resources Machine Technology.

The institute’s new name reflects the guiding vision of the expanded institute, highlighting the new focus on advanced technologies that exploit the opportunities offered by digitalization.