1st Aachen Furnace Construction and Thermal Processes Colloquium




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The RWTH Aachen Institute for Industrial Furnaces and Heat Engineering is hosting the 1st Aachen Furnace Construction and Thermal Processes Colloquium on May 11 and 12, 2017. This technical colloquium is marking the 60th anniversary of the institute's founding.


The history of the institute began with its inception in April 1957 in Aachen's Intzestraße as the department for the study of industrial furnaces. Today, 28 members of staff work under the direction of professor Herbert Pfeifer in a building including an experimental hall at Kopernikusstraße 10. At the core of the research activities is the optimization of processes and facilities for the production, processing and recycling of iron and steel, non-ferrous metal, or glass and ceramics.

The colloquium offers technical lectures given by representatives from the fields of science and industry, who will not only report on currend trends in research and development but also address future tasks and challenges. Registration is open until April 21, 2017.

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