Third Concert in the "Music Lab" Series


Architects combined with  poetry slammers and the Aachen Symphony Orchestra – it's a sort of meeting of the minds at RWTH. "It is a whole new way of putting on a concert", conductor Kazem Abdulla offers.


The "Music Lab" concert series featuring the Aachen Symphony Orchestra at RWTH is now taking place for the third time since its inception and again offers a diverse program. For the concert on March 30, 2017, the Faculty of Architecture and the poetry slammers of Chaos Lese Club have partnered with the Aachen Symphony Orchestra to prepare a joint evening performance. Abdullah explains: "The idea was to combine these three types of art, so that we could learn about and from each other."

The first part of the concert is being presented by the architects in conjunction with the symphony orchestra. A special highlight for the audience is bound to be the Maxwell Davies symphony "Five Klee Pictures Op. 12." This composer has set to music five paintings by Paul Klee. Shape, area, line, dot: Guided by Paul Klee's key concepts as well as their own interpretation of the music, the architecture students have come up with various designs. The result is a restaging of Klee's paintings by way of a film with elements of black light. "Music lets you feel shapes", emphasizes Professor Michael Schulze, director of the Department for Sculptural Design. In his oppinion, the special combination of these two forms of art mirrors this effect. As an added bonus, Italian Dancer Marika Meoli will perform during the showing of the film and the symphony orchestra's performance beginning with the third act. She will be wearing costumes specially designed by the architecture students.

The second part of the program will be shaped by the Chaos Lese Club, whose five poetry slammers Luca, Julius, Oscar, Florian and Eric will be presenting their poetry during the performance of the symphony orchestra – or, put another way, while the orchestra will accompany their poems. After the particular pieces of music had been chosen with Kazem Abdullah's help, the five poets sought inspiration for their texts in the sounds created by Strawinsky, Beethoven, Barber, Mussorgski and Ligeti. They will perform their pieces together on the stage, in the process becoming one combined act.

The series will be offering its third concert on Thursday, March 30, 2017, under the motto "Formen und Farben" – shapes and colors. The concert will start at 8pm and take place in the RWTH Aachen Aula, Templergraben 55. Admission for students is 7,50 euros and regular admission is 30 euros.

Source: Press and Communications