RWTH Aachen Succeeds in International Ranking of Universities


On March 30, 2017, the new edition of the international "U-Multirank“ ranking of universities was published. Initiated and funded by the European Commission, the ranking compares 1,500 universities from more than 90 countries.


The ranking is based on 30 indicators from five areas – teaching & learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation, and regional engagement –, and draws on self-reported data, bibliometric and patent data, and student surveys.

Unlike traditional rankings, U-Multirank does not produce a combined, weighted score across the different areas of performance, but generates, for each university, scores on individual indicators and places these in five performance groups, from “weak” (5) through “very good” (1). This year, in addition, the following five disciplines were comparatively assessed: business administration, computer science, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.

RWTH Aachen achieved several strong results, both as a university as a whole and at the level of specific fields of study. In 16 of 28 indicators, it was placed in the top performance groups (1 and 2); according to the ranking, its particular strengths lie in research and knowledge transfer, with scores of 1.63 and 1.71, respectively.

At the level of individual disciplines under consideration, mechanical engineering achieved top grades (1 and 2) for 22 out of 30 indicators; electrical engineering was ranked in the two top groups for 23 out of 32 indicators. Similarly strong results were achieved by computer science and business administration.

Source: Julian Palzer / Press and Communications