Welcome Week 2017


 RWTH Aachen welcomes its new international students to the 2017 summer semester. 


At the beginning of the summer semester, RWTH Aachen will be welcoming its international students from all over the world. Many of the new arrivals will, for the first time in their lives, be away from their family and home town for a longer period of time. To them, it is certainly going to be a great challenge to get accustomed to the foreign surroundings and to adjust to new teaching and learning methods. In order to set them up for a successful start to their studies and enable them to quickly feel at home within the university community, RWTH Aachen provides its international students with a number of advising and support services.

During Welcome Week, an event organized by the International Office at RWTH, the new international students will receive a plethora of information with regard to studying at RWTH or living in the city of Aachen. Welcome Week starts on April 10 with an official welcome event and ends on April 13, 2017. The main focus of the event is on giving a good and thourough introduction to the university with its main advising services. From outside of the university, the Aachen city region immigration office will be on hand to give a presentation on the topic of “Visa and Right of Residence.” There will furthermore be an Information Fair, where the different faculty advisors as well as the councelors of all centralized RWTH Advising Services will introduce themselves to the international students and offer them tips for a successful beginning to their studies. International Students Clubs will offer leisure activities and RWTH campus tours are available to those who are interestested.

All events will be held in English in order to give every attendee the same opportunities.

Source: Press and Communications