Alumni Meetup in Munich


The RWTH alumni meetup in Munich, which took place at the Parkcafé, was attended about twenty graduates from RWTH Aachen.

  Copyright: © Marietta B. Cullinane

During the thoroughly enjoyable evening, the alumni discussed new developments and projects at RWTH Aachen. The regulars welcomed a few more recent graduates from RWTH, who found their way to Munich, as well as a few alumni who happened to spend a few days in the Bavarian capital.

The next meetup in Munich is schedule to take place on July 12, 2017; prospective attendees will soon be informed about the start of the registration period.

Source: Marietta B. Cullinane

We would like to thank our alumnae Marietta B. Cullinane and Stefanie Marek for organizing the meetups in Munich and keeping our alumni network alive!