Insights into University Life


During the summer break in North-Rhine Westphalia between July 17 and August 25, pupils have the opportunity to get to know the world of RWTH Aachen through a program of workshops, lectures, and experiments.


The program of taster events seeks to make it possible for pupils to find out more about courses of study, research topics, research methods, and requirements in the STEM and related subjects, such as mathematics, computer science, engineering, and natural sciences.

More concretely, pupils in grade 11 or higher can select one of twelve offerings from fields such as architecture, materials engineering, or technical communication.

Pupils who choose the “technical communication” option, which is offered for the first time this year, have the opportunity to attend lectures and seminars of this interdisciplinary program and visit labs and facilities of the participating institutions. In workshops, they discuss case studies and develop solutions for communications challenges concerning technological innovations.

Taster Events for Young Women

In addition, there are engineering sciences programs exclusively for young women. Participants are provided with glimpses into the professional lives of engineers and discuss career options with scientists. Moreover, they receive information on topics such as application, admission, and studying at RWTH.

For pupils in 8th and 9th grade, RWTH provides a program in the STEM subjects, such as mathematics, computer science, end engineering: attending pupils visit the different Education Labs at the University. In order to meet the high demand, this program is offered twice during the holidays.