RWTH Schüleruni Events To Be Held Online




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Registration for RWTH “Schülerunis” is now open.


Between July 5 and August 13, 2021, school students have the opportunity to get to know RWTH better thanks to the University’s Schüleruni scheme. This summer, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all sessions will be held online.

Offering lectures, experiments and virtual tours of university departments, the various Schüleruni sessions convey research topics, working methods, and the requirements of studying a STEM subject, such as mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, or technology. This helps students to make the right decision when choosing a course of study. Participation is free of charge, and registration is now possible.

Pupils in grades 10-12 can choose from 1 of 11 Schülerunis: Architecture, Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, STEM Teacher Training, and Engineering Sciences – Developing Sustainable Technologies for the Future.

For pupils in grades 7-9, the University is offering two separate MINT Schülerunis. Each day, the Schüleruni participants get to discover a different “RWTH Learning Lab” that is designed for pupils.

Two offerings are exclusively for female pupils: The Engineering Taster University for Girls event, targeted at pupils in grades 10-12, offers an insight into the exciting work of engineers. Female pupils in grades 7 to 9 can participate in the “Girls go MINT + Sports” Learning Lab.

Further information is available on the Schüleruni website (de). Please note that this information is not available in English, as all Schüleruni events are only held in German.