Keeping Up to Date – Our Newsletter


Our newsletter provides you with subject-specific information on calls for proposals (including calls for nominations for awards) and research funding programs of organizations that are relevant for your research area.

We offer timely information on current calls for proposals from the German Research Foundation, state ministries, as well as selected national foundations and other funding bodies. In the area of EU Framework Programs, the focus is on general information about EU research funding and selected calls. If you want to obtain a full overview of relevant calls and news, we additionally advise you to subscribe to the newsletter of the National Contact Points (NCP) for your subject area. Please note that this newsletter is only available in German. If you are interested in announcements from the federal ministries, you can register for the newsletter of the federal funding advisory service. You can subscribe to announcements from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, BMBF for short, on the BMBF website.

In addition, you will receive information on funding-related procedures and processes in place at RWTH, important legal and administrative aspects in the area of external funding (including industry-sponsored research), and information on events hosted by Division 4.2 - Management of Third Party Funds. Since the external funds for research at Uniklinik RWTH Aachen are not managed by Central University Administration, information surrounding external funding and its internal processes typically do not apply to Uniklinik projects. Our newsletter will always specify the target group to whom the processes and information applies.

The newsletters are in German except for calls for proposals, which will be forwarded in the language of the respective call (mostly in German).

Eligible to receive the newsletter are RWTH employees and scholarship recipients at Faculties 1 to 10 at RWTH.

In order to register for the newsletter, please use RWTH's identity management system via single sign on. As an RWTH employee, you should be able to do so. If not, the following web pages provide you with the necessary information on how to register as a scholarship recipient or a member of Faculty 10.