RWTH Aachen Offers Good Study Conditions in Business Administration and Industrial Engineering


RWTH Aachen is positively rated in the current edition of the CHE Ranking for the Business Administration and Industrial Engineering degree programs.


The ranking, which was published in the ZEIT student guide on May 9, 2017 by the Centre for Higher Education doesn't award specific placements but rather groups universities into top, mid-level, and final groups using 20 to 30 indicators. A selection of the results using four indicators are published in the print issue, while the detailed evaluation can be found on the ZEIT website. This year all five of RWTH's subjects performed well with none landing in the final group. The subjects included in the study were business administration, industrial engineering with specializations in either civil engineering or materials and process engineering, and business administration and engineering with specializations in mechanical engineering or electrical power engineering.

The foundation of the analysis is a questionaire in which students answer questions on and grade various topics such as the feasibility of completing studies, contact with instructors, or the professional relevance of the studies. RWTH received good evaluations for the subjects in which it was evaluated. The Aachen university performed particularly well in the most important indicator, namely study conditions: here students award a grade of at least 2.0 in all of the subjects. In general, RWTH did receive any grade below 2.5 for any indicator.

Clear Improvement

The course of study Business Administration and Engineering with a specialization in Electrical Power Engineering made a clear improvement. In the past survey the course of study only placed twice among the top results. However, in 2017 it was among the best universities for seven indicators. Improvements were also achieved in the two important indicators the ability to complete the program as prescribed by the institution and study conditions.

Overall the ranking confirms students' great satisfaction with RWTH Aachen.

Source: Press and Public Relations


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