The New Fiction of Good Science – Talking About…


Universities must constantly reinvent themselves – in teaching, research, and interaction with the “outside world” – to meet the changing demands of industry and society and respond to global crises.

The recently launched online series “The New Fiction of Good Science - Talking About...” ties in directly with the content of the Science Evening held May 6, 2021. While the Science Evening provided the big picture and future vision, the “Talking About...” series now tackles the big questions in a practical, topic-specific, and results-oriented manner.

The first three editions focus on the following topics: 3rd Mission, Innovation and Sustainability, and Hybrid Teaching. For more information click on the links below:


Your questions and comments are welcome in this format: Join the discussion about the future of our academic system! Send your questions, comments, and suggestions to or post your contribution with #newscience.

We look forward to discussing the most pressing challenges facing the academic and, in particular, higher education system with you.


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