RWTH Funds Study Trips


Professors may still apply for funds until July 15.


Besides funding study or internships abroad, RWTH now uses PROMOS funds for study trips. Professors, or university instructors, can use the 45 euro stipend per person, per day, for trips to the selected PROMOS countries. The aim is for students to receive subject-related knowledge on one hand, while at the same time being allowed insight into the geography, history and culture of the host country on the other. The opportunity for students and researchers to meet and be able to exchange ideas is of great significance as well. Furthermore, the funding of study trips enables consolidation of existing university partnerships and also offers opportunities for new partnership contacts.

Up to fifteen students or doctoral candidates can be funded, as well as one accompanying university staff member. The group should include at least five members. Trips of five to twelve days duration can be funded. The application should be sent in by the professor, or supervising university staff member, by the July 15, 2017, deadline and should include a detailed program description for the study trip and a funding plan along with the application form.


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