First Alumni Social in Karlsruhe


Let's see if we can't meet up with a couple of RWTH-Alumni in Karlsruhe. That was the Alumni team's motto on the occasion of this year's annual conference of the “” parent organization in the Baden metropolis for inviting former graduates living there to attend a first meet-up.

  People sit around a table Copyright: © RWTH/dih First RWTH Alumni Meet-Up in Karlsruhe on May 10

On the eve of the conference, Dietrich Hunold from the alumni team was able to personally welcome 12 alumni at the “Carls Wirtshaus.” The RWTH alumni now living in Karlsruhe showed great interest in what has been happening at their alma mater. What is going on now with the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering, the WZL, after one of the machine halls was destroyed in a fire last year? How is the Campus Melaten coming along? Is the new lecture hall complex in operation? Two younger graduates still fondly remembered the Graduation Celebration at the Aachen Dressage Stadium with its great atmosphere. Needless to say, there was a lot to talk about. Even though the attending alumni stemmed from highly diverse faculties or academic fields – mechanical engineering, architecture, natural sciences, psychology – and age groups, common ground was quickly found. At the end, every one was on the same page that this meet-up should not just be a one-time event. Thus, a second meeting of RWTH alumni is already being planned for the coming fall. Exact times and further details will be announced in a timely fashion via the usual electronic alumni media.