Munich's RWTH Alumni are Persuaded by “Tested Safety” at TÜV SÜD


Following their social in March, Munich's RWTH Alumni recently visited another renowned company, namely TÜV SÜD in Garching.

  Gruppenfoto Copyright: © RWTH/dih Prof. Dr. Axel Stepken (front, 2. f. l.) personally accompanied the RWTH alumni during their visit in Garching

Professor Axel Stepken, TÜV- SÜD AG Chief Executive and RWTH graduate in Electrical Engineering was proud to personally greet the alumni and present his company to them. In doing so he called attention to the beginnings of the TÜV organizations: With the introduction of the steam engine during the age of industrialization in the 19th century the number of accidents with regard to exploding steam boilers rose at the same time, which led to the foundation of the “Gesellschaft zur Ueberwachung und Versicherung von Dampfkesseln” – or steam boiler supervision and revision association – in 1866. This was in essence the origin of all TÜV organizations, which, today, are not only active in Germany, but all over the world.

Under the direction of Dr. Martin Rempfer, CEO of TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH the visting alumni were allowed glimpses into diverse laboratories with screening processes for typical consumption goods. A bicycle rattled seemingly unperturbed by the continuously turning rollers on which it was fixed and which simulated stresses and strains during a ride. A few metres further on from the chassis dynamometer, or rolling road, a child safety seat was strongly being whirled around in a pendulum style motion. Finally, the visitors made their way into the “test kitchen,” where small kitchen appliances were not only tested for safety, but also graded on their results – for instance a piece of toast was checked for taste and color. For trade and consumers this proof that a product is safe, when used according to the guidelines, is more important than ever. We can discover the “Tested Safety” mark on many household electronics or tools these days.

The subsequent visit to TÜV SÜD Battery Testing GmbH continued in the same vein – electronically – with “The Future is electric.” CEO Christian Theeck explained to the visiting alumni how important the improved safety of batteries is becoming, particularly considering the ever increasing “E-Mobility.” That is why the company is giving advice and support to many different research projects. Battery cells, modules, and packs as well as batteries for hybrid or elctric cars are being examined and can be tested with strengths of electronic current up to 1200A.

Apart from the performance checks, the batteries can also be exposed to specific environmental conditions.

The social gathering at the “Neuwirth” in Garching at the conclusion of the event was another perfect opportunity for the alumni to chat with one another or have a conversation with Professor Axel Stepken. We are very grateful to him for his dedication and his presence, which made the visit to TÜV SÜD a special event for Munich's alumni group. Last but not least, we extend our thanks to alumna Marietta Cullinane, whose support in organizing the event was exemplary.