Success in University Competition


RWTH Aachen was successful in a student support competition launched by the NRW Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research. The competition provides funding for projects that offer new advising services for students who think about withdrawing from their studies. Such service offerings provide information on alternative routes of education, in particular vocational training.


RWTH recognizes that for a variety of reasons a student may think about withdrawing from their course of study and the University before they have completed the program for which they are registered. It already has established several support services for such students and is thus in a position to identify shortcomings and develop improvements. Now the University has identified nine measures to be implemented between 2017 and 2020.

The project, which receives over 230,000 euros in funding from the NRW Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research, will be implemented by the Student Advice Centre, the Aachen Mentoring project, and the Department of Educational Sciences with a focus on School Pedagogy and Educational Research headed by Professor Marold Wosnitza.