Vertical Farming: A Concept for the Future of Food?




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On Tuesday, June 20, as part of the “BioSC in Dialogue” series, Professor Georg Noga will give a talk entitled "Vertical Farming: A Concept for the Future?".


The presentation, which has been jointly organized by RWTHextern and the Bioeconomy Science Center BioSC, is scheduled to take place at 6pm in lecture hall R140, Schinkelstraße 1, Aachen.

The speaker, Georg Noga, is professor of horticultural science at the Institute of Plant Sciences and Resource Conservation, University of Bonn, and head of the horticultural teaching and research center in Klein-Altendorf.

Considering the increasing shortage of resources and the continuous growth of the world's population, humanity is certainly in need of new, sustainable economic systems. Professor Noga’s presentation will highlight the specific ideas bioeconomic research can provide for solving these problems by showing innovative approaches to sustainable cultivation of fruit and vegetables, such as vertical farming.

Vertical farming is the production of plants in multiple vertical layers indoors, for instance in abandoned warehouse buildings or skyscrapers in urban areas and thus in close proximity to a large number of end users. This would significantly lower the amount of fossil fuels needed to deliver food to consumers and greatly reduce energy consumption during the act of farming.

After the presentation, Georg Noga will be available to further discuss the topic.

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