RWTH Interested in Purchasing Campus West Property


Talks are underway. Development plans to continue as usual.


RWTH Aachen is interested in the acquisition of the Campus West property to further develop RWTH Aachen Campus. The NRW Construction and Real Estate Agency, BLB for short, supports this plan and is reviewing the sale of the property to RWTH. "The purchase of the property not only ensures the scientific purpose of Campus West long term but also enables maximum efficiency in the development of RWTH Aachen Campus," says RWTH Chancellor Manfred Nettekoven.

Currently project members – NRW Ministry of Science and Finance, BLB NRW, City of Aachen, RWTH Aachen, and RWTH Aachen Campus GmbH – are currently in clarifying talks. "The joint objective of all those involved is to further the development of Campus West. Purchasing the property offers RWTH Aachen more creative leeway for further development," says Gabriele Willems, executive director of the BLB NRW.

Talks are expected to be completed by the end of the year. The development plan will continue as planned. The planning committee's approval of the demand profile for the Campus West master plan in their meeting on Thursday, June 22, 2017, is considered an important milestone by all those involved.

Source: Press and Public Relations