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Blended Learning: Higher Mathematics I

A new online course Higher Mathematics I for the Engineering Sciences was developed. The course was already implemented in 2018 as part of the project “A Good Academic Start in Engineering” to provide students with supplementary learning material. In summer semester 2019, it will be offered as a standalone course within the framework of the Online Institutions NRW.

The course includes lecture texts, examples showing detailed solution paths, practice exercises and practice assessment tests. The practice exercises and tests are offered in an interactive and randomized manner and are automatically corrected.

Additional video offerings are currently being prepared.

The online course was developed by Dr. Andreas Maurischat under the direction of Professor Aloys Krieg, Lehrstuhl A für Mathematik.


Tree structure tasks: Adaptive Mathematics e-learning for university teaching

An adaptive e-learning instrument was successfully implemented in the course “Higher Mathematics for Civil Engineers”. The instrument allows students to practice solving complex mathematical problems at the time and place of their choice and in accordance with their individual learning needs. The learning platform was launched in 2012. Since then, it has continuously been further developed and its effect researched at the LuF Didaktik der Mathematik in cooperation with the Center for Computational Engineering Science, CCES, and the Institute for Geometry and Practical Mathematics, IGPM.

is the contact person.


E-Exams and E-Tests in Mathematics and Statistics with Dynexite/Moodle

The Department of Mathematics makes extensive use of electronic examinations and tests. Both the Dynexite platform, which was developed at RWTH, and RWTHmoodle are widely used for electronic examinations and exercises.

Examples of courses using Dynexite include:

  • Statistics for Industrial Engineers
    E-Exam; Professor Erhard Cramer, Professor Udo Kamps, Professor Maria Kateri
  • Higher Mathematics for Mechanical Engineering
    E-Tests for bonus points; Professor Holger Rauhut

RWTHmoodle is used in the courses "Introduction to Applied Stochastics (for Computer Science)", "Introduction to Applied Statistics" and "Stochastics I". The use of RWTHmoodle in further courses is planned.


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