Faculty 5, Division of Materials Science and Engineering


Development and Use of Virtual Lab Experiments

The use of virtual lab experiements in the "Materials Chemistry“ lab by Professor Jochen Schneider allows students to learn about experimental techniques and complex equipment and to use a computer to perform experiments in small groups of two or three students at a time. The helps to maintain a high level of participation despite the growing number of students taking the course.

Virtual Labs


Re-Design of a Lab to Include Multimedia Learning Applications

Molten mass flows into cast Copyright: © Pit Aretz Molten mass of Al-Cu alloy being poured into a cast

The "Materials Characterization" lab course has been restructured and improved with the help of a multimedia learning application that includes videos and checklists to conduct experiments, interpretation aids and e-quizzes, which must be completed before the lab experiments can be performed.

As a result of students' improved preparation, the time required to perform the experiments was shortened by more than half. Consequently, the group sizes could be reduced, thereby enabling all students to actively participate in the experiments.

The learning application was developed through intensive collaboration between the following institutions: