RWTH Congratulates 68 Apprentices for Completing Their Training

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During a graduation ceremony, Heike Krier from the Aachen Chamber of Commerce IHK presented 68 apprentices with their completion certificates. They were congratulated by RWTH Chancellor Manfred Nettekoven, David Walzer from the Youths and Apprentice Representation JAV and Dagmar Deußen from the RWTH Staff Council.     


Pascal Bendels, Julia Astrid Nowacki, and Patrick Pees completed their vocational training to become chemical laboratory assistants.

Dominik Alessandro Dresen is now an industrial mechanic. He has completed his vocational training in combination with a dual course at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

Philip Benedini, Jens Bockhorn, Stefan Frings, Jens Marc Hermann Jennessen, Max Kutz, Luca Manzoni, Mamin Miah, and Benjamin Vogt were trained as electronics technicians for equipment and systems.

Vocational training to become an IT specialist with a specialization in systems integration was completed by Steve Henriss, Nandita Sonali Janssens, Marvin Köhnen, David Müller, Markus Plum, Sven Poqué, Marcus Rausch, Gerald Rühl, Lukas Tetz, Eugen Wagner, and Michael Ziegler.

Patrick Hollo and Lucas Thielen are now specialists for Warehouse Logistics.

The following individuals completed training as industrial mechanics with a focus on precision tool-making: Leon Lukas Bülles, Philipp Degen, Marvin Ernst, Lukas Giebel, Sebastian Huppertz, Timo Körner, Leif Nils Lennartz, Roman Schmidt, and Niels Lennart Viktor Walther.

Elena Andernacht, Sarah-Katharina Bourceau, Jannik Roman Braß, Romy Brüggemann, Selina Cakmakci, Nicole Emunds, Matthias Erkens, Büsra Erkorkmaz, Nicole Claudia Gallus, Ramona Kaulen, Julia Kudrizki, Jana Mathar, Jacqueline Plum, Lea Rensinghof, Jana Schulz, Jessica Stoll, Denise Taeter, Mara Weiß, and Isabell Jasmin Welters are now ready to be employed as management assistants for office communication.

Oliver Leo Koerfer and Kevin Harald Schunk completed training as management assistants for dialogue marketing.

Lotta Ribbrock is now a management assistant for sports and fitness, Julia Feige a specialist for market and social research.

Rena Klopsteg is looking forward to be employed as a specialist for media and information services; Natascha Kyas is now a medical assistant.

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