RWTH Among Top Universities for Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Science According to CHE Ranking


The Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) ranking for the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Geography, Earth Sciences, Political Science, Medicine, and Dentistry has just been published in the DIE ZEIT Student Guide. 


The basis of the rankings is a student survey on study conditions, university facilities, and teaching staff. The students rate their university from “1 - very good” to “6 - very poor,” and the ratings are then combined into various indicators. For each indicator, the universities are sorted into top, middle, and bottom groups.

RWTH is in the top group for biology, chemistry, and computer science for all published criteria in the current ranking.

The Aachen students gave their University high marks in their overall assessment of the study conditions. Medicine and computer science particularly stand out with ratings of 1.5 and 1.6, respectively. Exam organization, equipment in classrooms, and the scientific relevance of the courses of study were also rated positively.

In addition to the students’ opinions, several other aspects are also included in the evaluation of the degree programs. For the “support at the beginning of a course of study” indicator, RWTH is ranked in the top group across all subjects. Here, the four aspects of competency alignment/competency development, orientation, flexibilization, and guidance/counseling are taken into account.

The data on students’ ability to complete their Bachelor’s degree programs in a reasonable amount of time is also convincing: In the subjects under review, RWTH students complete their Bachelor’s degree remarkably quickly compared to students at other German universities.


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