Presenting Yourself and Networking Effectively in Academic Contexts

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Online Workshop
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Formal academic meetings, informal gatherings, or online channels of communication (such as social networks) offer good opportunities for exchange with international colleagues, for establishing important contacts, and for promoting oneself. Yet, those opportunities are often missed because many academics feel insecure about how to present themselves confidently or how to prepare and/or follow up their networking efforts successfully.


In this workshop, we will, therefore, discuss such obstacles and practice ways to avoid typical mistakes. We will, on the one hand, develop a solid tool kit for interacting productively with colleagues in various face-to-face situations. On the other hand, we are going to explore strategies to present, advertise, and defend yourself and your research effectively in front of fellow scientists or through online media.


Apart from constructive input, plenary discussions, and group work, we will use role plays and other practical activities to specifically analyze such critical situations as the initiation of networking, the participation in academic debates, or the "survival" of a question & answer session. In addition, we will discuss which types of social networks can be used best for which purposes.

Please note that the workshop will be taught entirely in English. Thus, to participate and get the best out of it, you should be able to communicate quite fluently in English.


  • understanding different types and purposes of networking and self-presentation;

  • employing a range of communicative strategies to promote yourself and achieve a goal;

  • approaching people of (potential) interest for you;

  • leaving a positive and lasting impression;

  • summarizing your work/research convincingly when talking to others;

  • answering questions, addressing criticism, and defending yourself successfully (during a Q&A session, in personal interaction, or online);

  • participating confidently in discussions and debates;

  • taking a stance and developing a strong and persuasive argument;

  • conducting conversations and small talk appropriately;

  • creating a good atmosphere and building rapport;

  • understanding the different purposes of social networks;

  • employing social networks and other electronic channels of communication successfully.

Participation Requirements

Technical requirements:

PC/laptop, microphone, loudspeaker, Internet & optional camera

Target Audience

doctoral candidates, who are registered in the Center for Doctoral Studies

Measures to secure the sustainable Transfer of Taught Knowledge / Skills

  • integration of real-life scenarios and practical tasks;

  • opportunities to receive feedback on one's practices;

  • consideration of previous experiences or typical habits of the participants;

  • discussion of successful networking and self-presentation strategies;

  • suggestions for developing one's interactive skills in the future;

  • peer exchange with colleagues on relevant issues throughout the course;

  • provision of extensive handouts and additional materials on the topics discussed in the course.

Qualification of the Instructor / Coach

  • M.A. in English Studies (Universität Göttingen / University of California);

  • extensive experience in presenting research in different forms;

  • certified trainer for Academic English / English for Academic Purposes (EAP);

  • many years of experience in teaching and coaching doctoral candidates, post-docs, etc.;

  • founding director or coordinator of:

      • workshop programs for post-graduate researchers (Universität Oldenburg);

      • Program "Scientific English" (Universität Göttingen);

      • International Writing Center (Universität Göttingen);

  • head of Foreign Languages for Academic Purposes at the Universität Osnabrück and coordinator of ENGLISH+ courses for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.


Date:24/06/2021 to 25/06/2021
09:00 - 13:00
Course Coordinator:Frank Lauterbach

You will find the access link to the above-mentioned event in your participation portal under the item "Documents" at least 3 days before the start date.

Participants: up to 12
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