How to get research funding from industry (Registration for Doctoral Candidates)




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Negotiation Management, Research Funding
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Promote Capacity for Innovation and Research
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The lecture portions of the course are focused on conveying information about the industry collaboration environment that is typically not well known to people working in an academic research environment - information about how companies operate and habits that bring success in this very different environment. These principles are supported with many stories from the experiences the trainer has gathered over his own career.

Furthermore, we want to enable participants to take a critical view on their contact points with industry.

The course will enable them to:

  1. Find out whether it makes sense to get funding from industry for their research.

  2. Get a feeling for the inner workings within the industrial environment.

  3. Find the right collaboration partners and get in touch with them.

  4. Successfully present their research and collaboration ideas to industry representatives.


The workshop is highly interactive, mostly based on lectures, discussions and interactive exercises. We aim to bring together the skills and experiences the trainer has gathered in academic and industrial settings. Among others, we´ll use the following methods:

  • Presentation phases with stories to illustrate key points.

  • Interactive discussions.

  • Worksheets for self-reflection.

  • Case studies from the trainer as well as from the participants. These will be used to develop general and workable courses of action.

  • Experience-oriented game-like activities to elaborate on general principles used in the work as junior group leader.

  • Practically oriented activities and scenarios. Such “role plays” lead to evaluations within small groups (e.g. groups of three, two interacting partners plus the third person as observer) or in plenary.

  • Development of concepts in plenary, e.g on flipchart.

  • Individual or small group work (exercises) of the participants and presentation in plenary.

The workshop will also feature pitches, in which participants practice “selling” their research to industry. All participants will get the opportunity to receive a video feedback of their pitches.


  • Private sector funding overview

    • The benefits of private sector funding

    • What companies are open to working with academia?

    • How is industry R&D different than academic research?

  • Corporate finance basics

    • How does money flow around products and companies?

    • Return on Investment: How does a company decide if they should pursue your project?

  • Patent vs. publication

    • How to address this conflict of interest when setting up the collaboration

  • Project planning and execution in Industry

    • Project management basics

    • Critical elements of an industry project

  • Managing a team working on industry funded projects

    • Four ways industry is different than academic research

    • Five habits industry managers look for in their technical teams

  • Making successful connections with Industry

    • How to connect with people who need your help

    • Talking about your research to the private sector

    • The pitch: how to sell your value

Target Audience

doctoral candidates, who are registered in the Doctoral Academy

Measures to secure the sustainable Transfer of Taught Knowledge / Skills

Questionnaire brefore the seminar

Individual targets at the end of the seminar, controlled by “target buddy"!

Qualification of the Instructor / Coach

PhD scientist (chemistry) with 6 years experience in industry. Year-long experience as trainer and speaker, continuous professional development via workshops and courses.


Date:12/09/2022 to 15/09/2022
09:00 - 11:30
Course Coordinator:Dr. Philipp Gramlich

You will find the access link to the above-mentioned event in your participation portal under the item "Documents" at least 3 days before the start date.

Slots: up to 6
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