Collaborative Research Centers – Advising & Support


In Collaborative Research Centers, researchers from a broad range of disciplines work together on complex topics in fundamental research from an integrative, interdisciplinary perspective. There is a constant exchange of data, experience, materials, and of scientific staff, which ensures a close, interdisciplinary collaboration between the research institutions involved.  



Vera Eckers

Head of CRC Office


+49 241 80 90492



Institutional Priority Area Development & Structural Development

Collaborative Research Centers, CRC for short, are university-based research institutions which are established for a period of up to twelve years. By bringing together researchers and resources from the applicant university within the CRC, it becomes possible to tackle demanding research projects on a long term basis. CRCs thus help to establish institutional priority areas and promote structural development. Cooperations with non-university research institutions are expressly encouraged.

CRC and CRC/Transregio (TRR)

The traditional Collaborative Research Center is carried out by one university. The CRC/Transregio, TRR for short, is jointly proposed and coordinated by two or three universities. The contributions of each participating university should complement each other and be essential to the joint research goal, leading to synergistic effects.


Please get in touch with us as early in the process as possible if you are planning a CRC initiative. You will find further information on the application process at RWTH Aachen University on our Intranet page.