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Professor Michael Vorländer was elected a Member of the Executive Council of the Acoustical Society of America.



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Professor Michael Vorländer, Director of the Institute of Technical Acoustics at RWTH Aachen, was elected a member of the Acoustical Society of America Executive Council. Founded in 1929, the Acoustical Society is devoted to the study of physical, technical and medical acoustics while also dealing with applications in psychology and geophysics.

Professor Vorländer's research focuses on auralization and acoustic virtual reality in various applications of architectural acoustics, psychoacoustics, automotive acoustics and noise control. Vorländer has been a fellow of the Acoustical Society of America since 2006. “In my opinion, the ASA is the premier organization in academic and professional acoustics,” he says. “Having been involved with Acoustical Associations in Germany, Europe and world-wide, I am excited to now bring my international perspective to the ASA Executive Council.” Vorländer was elected for a three-year term.

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