Physics Experiments with Smart Phones


On Saturday, November 18, 2017, professor Christoph Stampfer from the 2nd Institute of Physics A at RWTH Aachen, will give a lecture, in which he will present the app "phyphox."


With the app's help, physics experiments can be conducted using a smart phone. The lecture begins at 11am in C.A.R.L., Hörsaal H03, at Claßenstraße 11 in Aachen. The event is part of the series "At the Focus - Understanding Physics" organized by RWTHextern.

The app "phyphox," short for physical phone experiments, was developed at RWTH and is avaiable for Android and iOS for free. The app makes it possible to use a smart phone for physics experiments. This allows, for example, school students, university students, or teachers to plan, conduct, and further develop physics experiments using phyphox. With the help of an acceleration sensor the app can record pendular movements, which determine the rotation speeds in a salad spinner or with the help of an atmospheric pressure sensor it can determine time-resolved elevation differences and thus the speed of an elevator. Professor Stampfer will present the concept and show various applications.

Source: Press and Public Relations