Some Openings in RWTH “Schülerunis” During Summer Vacation




Lena Klein

Information Manager


+49 241 80 99428



Between July 5 and August 13, 2021, school students have the opportunity to get to know RWTH better, thanks to the University’s Schüleruni scheme. This summer, all sessions will be held online. 


Offering lectures, experiments, and virtual tours of university departments, the various Schüleruni sessions convey research topics, working methods, and the requirements of studying a STEM subject, such as mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, or technology. Participation is free of charge, and registration for some of the offers is still possible.

Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, STEM Teacher Training, and Engineering Sciences still have openings. Female pupils in grades 10-12 are offered a glimpse into the exciting work of engineers in the Engineering Taster University for Girls event.

Some spots are also still available for pupils in grades 8 and 9 at a Gymnasium or those attending grade 10 of the Gesamtschule or Realschule type of schools in Germany. 12 to 14-year-old female pupils can participate in the “Girls go MINT + Sports” Learning Lab.

Further information is available on the Schüleruni website below . Please note that this information is not available in English, as all Schüleruni events are only held in German.


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