Digital Maturity


Dr. André Calero Valdez from the RWTH Chair for Communication Science has acquired a junior research group in the "Digital Society" research program. The group will be funded for five years by the NRW Ministry of Culture and Science.



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The research program takes on the massive changes in social development through the course of digitalization. The effects on politics, institutions, and civil society present great challenges. The junior research group will thus concentrate on the question how people and algorithms interact in social media, how messages spread in social media, and what effects this has on opinion making. Various interdisciplinary methodological approaches will be used such as the agent-based modeling of recommendation systems, experiments, and simulations.

The junior research group has four positions open to doctoral candidates and is led by Calero Valdez. The group is part of the "Digital Society" graduate school at the University of Bonn. NRW Minister Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen will open the graduate school on December 6, 2017, in Bonn.