PLANCKS stands for "Physics League Across Numerous Countries for Kick-ass Students“ and is the official international physics competition for physics students from around the world. 

  RWTH team group photo Copyright: © Florian Lippert/jDPG

The annual competition takes place in a different country every year and thereby promotes exchange and communication among different universities and cultures. The contest is based on solving exercises. Each team must first qualify within Germany, where a preliminary round takes place in the form of the DOPPLER competition, the "German olympics for students eagerly guessing and solving physics problems." This event is the deciding factor in prequalifying teams for the physics team competition PLANCKS. There, teams compete against each other, so that, in the final round, one of the two best teams can be chosen as the winner.

The objective in this competition is to attain good marks, or results, by correctly solving tasks in the form of written exams. Theses exams must be taken and worked out in teams of four. The PLANCKS competition typically starts out with a welcome address and a variety of technical lectures. On the second day of four in total, different exams, which are scheduled to take four hours or more, must be mastered. After the exams, there is still time to get to know the other teams as well as the university and city, where the contest takes place. On the third and fourth day, the award ceremony and also a field trip are scheduled to take place. Besides the exams, students also find interesting lectures and an other events related to physics on offer.

The RWTH team wecomes the competition not only for the opportunity to broaden their subject-related skills, but also for the chance to get to know other physics students from the most diverse countries. Able to exchange their experiences with regard to courses of study and different electives, they profit from being better prepared for their future professional careers in an international market.

Supported by the Hans Hermann Voss Foundation.