Staff Development at RWTH

  Moderator during a seminar Copyright: © Thilo Vogel

It is RWTH Aachen's objective to contribute to solutions to the global future challenges of the future through strong, integrative and interdisciplinary research. This can only happen if we attract the best minds to our University and our ideas and succeed in inspiring and motivating all employees for this path.


We know that to every employee has to involved in order to attain this goal. Thus, it is important to that support everyone at the University with their involvement. As a result, the Guidelines for Staff Development were created in agreement with all of the University's councils.

Motivated, highly qualified, and satisfied employees are the foundation of ensuring excellent research and teaching. To ensure this, RWTH Aachen supports its employees in science, science management, and administration and technology with corresponding staff development measures.


Measures for Human Resources Development

Whether central further education offers or individual seminars, courses, or workshops - RWTH Aachen offers its employees a broad spectrum of staff development measures.

There is also a comprehensive advising and support service available to you.

We will gladly look over your current situation with you and advise you in an in depth conversation about our services and possibilities.

Conversations with RWTH Aachen Employees

The so called "Conversations with RWTH Aachen Employees", MAG for short, are held between management and employees as a concrete measure for staff development at RWTH Aachen. This is an instrument to support employees. It ensures that management and the employee discuss basic topics about the work situation once year between just the two of them. The goal is to initiate a constructive dialogue that leads to improvements for both sides. The framework conditions and guidelines for implementing a MAG are determined in the General Handbook. You can find more information about MAG on the intranet pages of the human resources department.


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