University Representatives Discuss Diversity

Group of people Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter

Fourth nationwide networking meeting on the topic of diversity.


Upon invitation by Professor Doris Klee, Vice-Rector for Human Resources Management and Development, 13 executives from German universities came to Aachen to discuss developments and exchange information on best practices in the field of diversity.

Professor Eva-Maria Feichtner, Vice President for Diversity and International Affairs at the University of Bremen, Dr. Ulrike Brands-Proharam Gonzalez, Equal Opportunities Officer at RWTH Aachen, and Professor Nicole Dehé, Vice-Rector for International Affairs and Equal Opportunity at the University of Konstanz, provided reports on their experiences in the area of discrimination protection.

Professor Andrea D. Bührmann, Vice-Rector of the University of Göttingen, gave a talk on the topic of diversity policy at German universities.

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