Support for Flood Victims


The flood disaster has caused unimaginable damage. Although RWTH was fortunately spared any major damage, some members of the University were dramatically affected by the consequences of the floods. The RWTH Rectorate would like to express its deepest sympathy to all those who have suffered severe losses. 


The Rectorate would like to offer assistance in this difficult situation and would also like to take this opportunity to express its gratitude to all the rescue workers and the many other individuals who are helping others in need in a quick and straightforward manner during this difficult situation.

In this exceptional situation, the University, in consultation with the responsible crisis management teams on site, provides support wherever possible, for example by granting leave to numerous employees who are needed as volunteer emergency workers with the Technisches Hilfswerk or the volunteer fire department. Additionally, the University provides its expertise, for example, in the fields of structural engineering and flooding, and by providing urgently needed equipment such as pumps.

Furthermore, the University offers assistance to employees and students who are directly affected by the flood. Those affected should contact their supervisors or the human resources department; students should get in touch with the relevant examination boards to get informed about upcoming exam arrangements.

The Rectorate is in close contact with the responsible crisis management teams, especially in Städteregion Aachen. Should further support be necessary, for example by involving additional volunteers, this will be organized in coordination with those responsible on site. Anyone wishing to support those in need by making a donation should contact the relevant organizations.