Of Humans and Machines – Medical Technology of Tomorrow




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The RWTHextern Citizens‘ Forum and Theater Aachen are again hosting an event in the “Of Humans and Machines” series. This time, the focus will be on the topic of medical engineering. The event is scheduled to take place Thursday, February 15, 2018, at 8pm at the Mörgens Theater, Mörgensstraße 24, Aachen.


The event will offer a mix of short readings, scientific discussion and theater sketches to highlight the impact of technological achievements on human life.

Today, in the western world, many people are suffering from cardiovascular disorders. In very severe cases, the only available treatment option is heart transplantation. In a talk titled “Living with an Artificial Heart: Individualized Treatment for a Wide Range of Patients,” Dr. Fotios Risvanis will introduce “Reinheart,” an artificial heart developed by the RWTH Chair of Applied Medical Engineering.

Subsequently, Suzana Djeljadini from the Chair of Chemical Process Engineering will present an artificial lung.

Following this presentation, Professor Dominik Groß, director of the RWTH Institute of History, Theory and Ethics in Medicine, will discuss the risks and opportunities of technology in medicine and address ethical questions. Dialog with the audience will be highly welcomed!

Tickets will available at the box office prior to the event. Ticket price: 6 euros.