Academic Affairs and Registrar's Office

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Department 1.0 - Academic Affairs and Registrar's Office is part the the University's Central Administration and has six subdivisions. Our staff members are responsible for all questions relating to academic self-government; the administration of classes, students, and examinations; and student advice services.


Our Responsibilities

The Department provides advice and support for current and prospective students and academic staff in all questions relating to studying at the University, such as choosing a degree program; enrollment; re-enrollment; transferring to another degree program; leave of absence; and the administration of exams and final theses

Uni at School

Furthermore we organize several events and programs for school students, so as to spark their interest in science and research.

Advice to University Bodies and Committees

Furthermore the Department provides advice and assistance to the University's committees and governing bodies, such as the Senate, the Rectorate, the Board of Governors, the Faculty Councils, and the various student bodies. This particularly encompasses legal advising on the University's constitution and the rules of procedure.

Examination and Statutory Law

The Division of Examination and University Law encompasses all legal questions about examinations and examination procedures; all objection proceedings, complaints, and lawsuits; and constititional matters that fall within the scope of the Department's responsibilities, particularly examination, doctoral, post-doctoral lecture qualification, and faculty regulations as well as student body regulations.

Academic Affairs

The Department runs the Election Office, which organizes the election of senate members and faculty council via the University elections. It also manages all the Official Announcements.



Name Contact
Dezernat 1.0 Akademische und studentische Angelegenheiten
Margareta Quadflieg
Phone: +49 241 80-94324

Abteilungsleiterin, stellvertretende Dezernatsleiterin
Anne Brücher
Phone: +49 241 80-93447

Vergabe des Großen Senatssitzungszimmers, Amtliche Bekanntmachungen
Administrative employee
Nabil Bouarga
Phone: +49 241 80-92118

Marlies BungertPhone: +49 241 80-94056