Strategy Board



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As an academic expert panel, the Strategy Board is part of RWTH’s governance structure and advises the University in its strategic planning. An important advisory body to the Rectorate and the RWTH faculties, the Board supervises the implementation of the University’s strategic principles and provides important impetus to the creation of visions for the University’s future development.

The main responsibilities of the Strategy Board include:

  • Structural and development planning for the University, supporting RWTH’s Planning and Allocation Committee
  • Implementation and further development of the University’s Excellence Strategy
  • Further development of JARA, the Jülich Aachen Research Alliance, and of collaborations with other partners.

The Strategy Board consists of the spokespersons for the Clusters of Excellence (3), representatives from the Profile Areas (3), rerpesentatives from non-university partners (3), and representatives from the group of early-career researchers (2).

Permanent guests of the Board are the Vice-Rector of Research and Structure and the Spokesperson for the Faculty Deans. In addition, the Strategy Board may invite experts from research and industry as temporary guests.


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