RWTH and 28 Other Universities Establish Moodle Interest Group


The Moodle at Universities non-profit association was founded in a joint video conference on July 22, 2021 by 29 German universities. The association, based in Berlin, is the point of contact for the open-source learning management system Moodle in the German higher education sector. The joint activities of the association seek to strengthen the open-source concept of the Moodle software. In software development, open source refers to the sharing of software source code and the exchange of experience in a collaborative spirit.


Moodle is used at around 180 German universities and is thus available to over 1.5 million students. During the coronavirus crisis, Moodle helped not only to maintain but also to expand teaching and learning at universities.

Such digital platforms offer many opportunities, even outside of crisis situations: course contents and study materials can be accessed at any time from any location in various digital formats, and students have the opportunity to remotely communicate with each other and with their instructors. The platforms facilitate collaborative and interactive learning activities and offer the opportunity to hold online exams and assessments.

Moodle at Universities aims to serve as a multiplier, promote networking and knowledge transfer between universities, and coordinate development activities to further improve the platform as a tool in higher education. The association will also host network meetings and expert panels in order to facilitate the exchange of best practices.

Further information in German is available at: Moodle an Hochschulen