Talking About... How Universities Shape Social Change

Part 1: October 29, 2021, 5pm


The third mission of our universities, complementing the two supporting pillars of teaching and research, indicates the variety of demands and expectations placed on today's universities. Figuratively speaking, the third mission is the window between the academic world and "real life". In view of global problems and societal upheavals, it is good and important that this window is opening wider and wider, and is well on its way to becoming a large revolving door – for exchanges and interaction between university and society.


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For university directors as well as researchers, however, the following questions are now arising: How exactly can we contribute to making tomorrow's world a little better? Which topics, target groups, and expectations do we focus on (resources are limited!), which measures have the greatest leverage and are most likely to pay off in terms of societal needs? How can we find local solutions to global problems? And how do we strengthen researchers for the increased demands of all third mission tasks?

This and two concrete examples from the structural change regions Lausitz and Rhenish mining district are the content of the second part of The New Fiction of Good Science – Talking About... We are looking forward to the stimulating discussions!






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