'Speaking with the Whole Body'


On Friday, April 20, 2018 the RWTH’s Voice and Speech Office – Lektorat Sprechstunde – will celebrate its 50th anniversary at Couvenhalle, Kármánstraße 19. Between 9 and 5:30pm, there will be several workshops, talks and and cultural events surrounding the topics of speech, vocal and physical expression, and the voice in general.


Speaking is a process involving the entire body. For this reason, there is a strong interaction between speaking and physical expression. In one of the workshops, participants will strengthen the perception of their own body and its spatial surroundings, train their breathing, and perform vocal exercises. Other highlights include a lecture on the history of hice as well as a vocal coaching program titled “Gereimtheiten und andere Gemeinheiten.”

The Voice and Speech Office was established by the Chair of German Philology in 1968 at the RWTH Institute of German Studies. According to Björn Meißner, research associate at the Chair of German Studies, at that time there was a trend towards the professionalization of teacher education and training. Among other things, the Office was responsible for ensuring the vocal health of future teachers. In addition, teachers and instructors can be seen role models for the use of language, and it was part of the initiative to make future teachers aware of this role. Today, the Voice and Speech Office is part of the Institute for Linguistics and Communication Studies, ISK for short.

Participation is free of charge; please register by email to the . The program (de) is available at the Institute website.

Source: Press and Communications