Girls’ Day und Boys’ Day at RWTH Aachen University


Nationwide day of action with numerous workshops offered.


Even though nowadays both girls and boys grow up in a world characterized by technological advances, they often tend to choose jobs bound by tradition. Girls are still inadequately represented in technical fields despite graduating from school with better grades and men, on the other hand, are still needed in social and educational career fields. This is why on Thursday, April 26, 2018, Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day events are being held nationwide.

RWTH Aachen University will take part with 40 workshops for about 400 adolescents. School students in grades 5 to 10 from all types of schools have the opportunity to get a taste of everyday work life in a variety of different professional fields and careers.

At 8:30am, participants will be welcomed by Equal Opportunities Officer Ulrike Brands-Proharam Gonzalez and Vice-Rector for Human Resources Management and Development Doris Klee at the auditorium of the RWTH Main building, Templergraben 55.

Source: Press and Communications