ExAcT to Coordinate New Open Educational Resources Portal at RWTH


The ORCA.nrw portal provides instuctors and students with open educational resources. 


The NRW Open Resources Campus ORCA.nrw is a cross-university online portal for teaching and learning established by the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. It provides openly licensed and quality-assured educational materials and services for university instructors and students. ExAcT (de), the central point of contact for pedagogical questions and concerns at RWTH’s Center for Learning and Teaching Services (CLS), will coordinate the networking activities between ORCA.nrw and RWTH.

In addition to teaching and learning materials, the portal provides basic information on the topic of e-learning as well as opportunities for the exchange of information and best practices. All materials provided are Open Educational Resources (OER), which means that anyone interested can use them in their own teaching and learning, edit them, and also republish them. Aside from promoting a culture of sharing between the 42 participating educational institutions, ORCA.nrw serves as a further training platform for instructors and students alike.