Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering M.Sc. - in German, phased out


This German and English-language Master's course of study is being discontinued. RWTH will be offering the same Master's course of study exclusively in English beginning winter semester 2018/19.

This means that students can only enroll in this course of study if they can submit proof of transferable credits. It is not possible to enroll in the first semester of this program anymore. Interested students should contact the Faculty's departmental advising.


Degree Content

During the first two semesters, students attend elective courses and subjects suitable for their focus. Students complete an 18 week industry internship and take block seminars in their third semester. The fourth semester is wholly reserved for writing the Master thesis.

Study Programs (in German and English)

Starting at the beginning of their studies, students follow a curriculum with the following fields of focus:

Electrical Power Engineering

Information and Communications Technology

Computer Engineering

Systems Engineering and Automation

Biomedical Engineering

English Language Study Programs:

Two (exclusive) English language specializations are offered within this Master's program. By choosing one of these Study Programs, it is possible to completely finish the course of study in English, which is particularly attractive for international students. The following pages can provide you with more information:

Communications Engineering

Electrical Power Engineering

Micro- and Nanoelectronics



A prerequisite for starting studies is a first university degree, with which the necessary background education can be proven, as determined in the exam regulations. The exam board determines whether it fulfills the entrance requirements.


Examination Regulations

Regulations that apply for all Bachelor and Master courses of study as well as detailed information about the necessary documentation of required language skills can be found in RWTH’s Comprehensive Examination Regulation. Examination regulations are only published in German as they are legally binding.

Subject Specific Exam Regulations regulate academic goals, the course of study layout, and exam procedures. The appendix to the regulations contains the description of the modules, from which the course of study is composed.



The Master course of study in Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, and Computer Engineering is offered by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.