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As of issue 75 (summer semester 2023), "keep in touch" will be an online-only magazine

As of issue 75 (summer semester 2023), the print version of "keep in touch" will be discontinued and the magazine will be offered exclusively as an online magazine. This will create the opportunity to offer more content, image galleries, videos and links to other exciting topics. RWTH internal delivery to professors will cease as of issue 74 (winter semester 2022/2023)

The decision to make the "keep in touch" magazine purely digital has come about from the sustainability initiative of RWTH Aachen University and its efforts to save resources and thus protect the environment. On the following page you will find the current as well as all older issues which you can read at any time.

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Issue 73, Summer Semester 2022

"Innovations emerge at the interfaces between diverse networks."



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Deepa Gautam-Nigge still has fond memories of her student days in Aachen in the nineties. After her first attempt at studying civil engineering at Aachen University of Applied Sciences, she finally switched to Business Administration at RWTH Aachen University, majoring in technology and innovation management (TIM), operations research and industrial logistics. Back then, she sat in the lectures on TIM with just ten other people in her main course of studies. Her time as a student assistant at the Institute for Industrial Management – FIR for short in German – was particularly formative: "My entire professional career came out of that," says Gautam-Nigge. Directly after her studies, she took on her first job at Trovarit AG, a start-up that was spun off from FIR.

In 2006, she was employed by SAP, then by Microsoft, before returning to SAP in 2017 to set up the SAP Next-Gen Innovation Network in Munich. This network of universities, start-ups, corporations, and investors is all about idea generation and the development of innovative technologies, business models, and also the next generation of entrepreneurs. She is now Senior Director M&A in Corporate Development at SAP.

As a "Nepalese Rhinelander" – as she herself puts it – Deepa Gautam-Nigge feels very much at home in Munich. However, many connections to Aachen, especially to the FIR and to RWTH, still remain. She is currently working as an editor on a book in which RWTH professors Günter Schuh and Malte Brettel are also involved as authors. In an interview, she comments in particular on the topic of innovation, because that is what she learned about "from scratch" 25 years ago during her studies at RWTH.

Other Topics:

  • Spektrum: RWTH and the Uniklinik help in Ukraine - trucks bring medicines, medical equipment, and bandages to the war zone
  • Science & Business: Circular Economy Made in Aachen - RWTH Aachen University brings together all its expertise on the circular economy in the Center for Circular Economy (CCE)
  • Öcher Leben: How hydrogen moves the region - The Hydrogen Hub Aachen picks up speed

and much more.

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