Social Robots – When Robots Autonomously Interact and Communicate With People


RWTH invites the public to attend a lecture by Professor Malte Jung.


What can technology-supported teamwork look like and how do robots shape the dynamics of work groups and teams? These are the questions that Professor Malte Jung will address in his lecture "Teamwork with Robots" on Wednesday, June 27, 2018, at 5pm at Couvenhalle, Kármánstraße 17 to 19, Aachen.

With his presentation, Jung will kick off the lecture series "Rise of the Robots," which features scholars from various disciplines who all conduct research related to the topic of "Social Robots." Jung is Assistant Professor at Cornell University, the private research university located in the United States. He is head of the "Robots in Goups Lab," which is making an important contribution to helping us understand the nature of group dynamics and how group dynamics can be shaped by robots implicitly and by design.

The lecture will be held in English; admission is free.

Source: Press and Communications