Bronze Medal for Carologistics Team


The Carologistics Team, a joint team consisting of members from the IMA & IfU Cybernetics Lab and the Knowledge-Based Systems Group at RWTH as well as the MASCOR Institute of FH Aachen, received the bronze medal in the RoboCup Logistics League in Montreal, Canada.


Althought the Aachen team struggled with wifi problems off and on, they only had to concede defeat to the new world champions from Graz. The Carologstics team went for it in the small finale, securing third place.

RoboCup Logistics League

The RoboCup Logistics League illustrates on a 14x8 meter playing field what is possible from an intralogistic perspective in the coming years in so-called "smart factories" within the context of Industie 4.0. The robots must explore the playing field and report back each machine's position. They themselves find the best connections between the individual machines. The robots are given specific windows of time to complete tasks and the robot collective decides, when and how it produces which orders. The production process has to be broken down into individual components and mutual dependences, resulting in tasks with time constraints that are then assigned to the robots.

Source: Press and Communications