Amazon New Sponsor in C.A.R.L.

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As of summer semester 2018, online retailer Amazon is the sponsor of a lecture hall in C.A.R.L. Providing space for 210 students, the lecture hall has been named Amazon-Hörsaal during the opening ceremony on June 13, 2018. Amazon is thereby continuing its involvement as promoter and sponsor of RWTH Aachen University.


"Amazon strives to be the most customer-oriented business in the world – that's why innovations are very important to us. RWTH Aachen is known – not only within Germany, but also internationally – as a university that offers an outstanding education and training for future innovators. This is certainly a great reason for us to get involved," explains Armin Cossmann, Regional Director of Operations, Amazon Germany.

Besides supporting a research collaboration in speech-recognition technology, Amazon, since the beginning of this year, has also been involved in other, very diverse areas at RWTH. "We are very excited about our close collaboration with RWTH Aachen. This year alone, we have already co-hosted more than ten activities with RWTH Aachen, such as career fairs, presentations, company visits, for instance – and of course now there's our sponsoring of the Amazon-Hörsaal, which has recently been inaugurated. We are also very excited about the graduation celebration in September, which we will be promoting as main sponsor. We are very impressed by the quality of the RWTH Aachen degree programs and it is a lot of fun to partner with students ranging from Master's to PhD level. RWTH Aachen is a first-class technical university providing its students with the right analytical and problem-solving competences in order to be successful in the area of operations. RWTH Aachen also strives for continued innovations, which is why a partnership with Amazon is a fitting combination, because we, too, continuously push for innovations in order to best satisfy our customers. This is also the reason why we set the highest standards in recruiting top-notch talent," Lynsey Douglas-Lowe, Senior Manager EU Campus Recruitment, justifies Amazon's involvement at RWTH.

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About Amazon

Founded in 1995 by Jeffrey P. Bezos, Amazon is an online retailer that next to its main business also offers a multitude of other services, such as online video streaming, movie databases, analytics tools and others. Besides striving to be customer-oriented, another important aspect for Amazon is innovation. With annual sales amounting to 193.2 billion U.S. dollars, Amazon is regarded to be one of the most profitable businesses of the world and the second-most valuable company in the United States.

In Germany, Amazon has been in operation since 1998. Many different teams work here in very diverse areas. Amazon conducts research into speech-recognition technology "Alexa" in collaboration with RWTH Aachen, and is furthermore actively engaged at the university in a variety of other areas.