Lecture Series “… for Future”? Reflections on the Paradigm of Development


Modernity has brought with it the promise that humanity's problems can be solved through technical, medical and social progress. This was the basis for the so-called “development paradigm,” which, until recently, has remained virtually unchallenged in Western societies. In the meantime, due to ecological problems and economic inequalities, it is increasingly called into question, for example by the Fridays for Future movement.

The lecture series questions the paradigm of progress by placing it in the context of development cooperation and, thus, in an international, interdisciplinary, and culturally aware discourse. It asks for a contemporary understanding of development and also looks at alternatives to the Western model that has prevailed up to now.

When? Tuesdays, 6:30 to 8pm
Where? HKW Lecture Hall, Wüllnerstraße 1
Language Please note that the lectures will be given in German.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021, 8:00pm

Development Aid: History, Criticism, and Alternatives

Aram Ziai (Universität Kassel)


Tuesday, November 09, 2021, 8:00pm

Resistance Through Re-Existing. The Critical Practice of Latin-American Movements Against an Extractive Development Paradigm

Johanna Leinius (Universität Kassel)


Tuesday, November 23, 2021, 8:00pm

To Develop or  to Undo Development? Viable Pathways for African Countries

Boniface Mabanza (KASA)


Tuesday, December 14, 2021, 8:00pm

Work and the City in the Post-Growth Debate – Historical Approaches and Current Visions for Social Innovations

Linda Nierling und Ulrich Ufer (KIT)


Tuesday, January 11, 2022, 8:00pm

Development or Liberation? A Critical Look at Development Paradigms From an Intercultural-Theological Perspective

Margit Eckholt (Universität Osnabrück)