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Questions, uncertainties, problems, doubts? The Student Advising Team at the Student Advice Centre can help!

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Just Talk It Over With Someone!

You may have uncertainties and problems in your studies from the beginning, for example when it comes to self-management, adjusting to university life, etc. Here, the Student Advising Team offers you individual, solution-oriented support. Do not hesitate to take advantage of our help! Detailed questions regarding the organization of your studies (timetable, module allocation) are best clarified in advance with your departmental academic advisor and/or faculty or departmental mentor.

Questioning Whether You Have Made the Right Choice of Study?

At all stages of your studies, you can have doubts as to whether you are studying the right subject or whether it might make sense to change study path. You should not be burdened by these doubts by yourself for long. Take advantage of the help offered by the Student Advising Team in good time, for example, the individual, confidential and free one-on-one counseling, or attend one of our lectures and workshops on this topic.

Individual Advising: Unique Problems – Unique Solutions

Everyone is a unique individual, which is why our student advisors do not offer general "one-size-fits-all" solutions. In a personal consultation, you will explore the causes of your dissatisfaction and problems in your studies together with the professional student advisors and develop individual solutions. All discussions are anonymous, confidential, open-ended, and free of charge.

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