Students Learn About Coastal Protection

Persons smiling at the camera Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter

27 students took part in this year's IGCS Summer School at RWTH Aachen University on the topic of "Coastal and River Hazard & Management Strategies.“


The Indo-German Centre for Sustainability, IGCS for short, was founded in 2010 with the aim of expanding the collaboration between Germany and India. Aside from RWTH, the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, the TU9 universities, and the University of Kiel are also involved in the project. The Centre’s scientific focus is on sustainable energy, water and waste management, land use, and sustainable urban development.

RWTH Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg welcomed the participants to the Summer School. Students from India and from German universities jointly attended lectures and workshops and went on excursions to gain hands-on experience on the topic of coastal protection. In a public lecture, Professor Helmut Brückner from the University of Cologne used the historical example of port engineering and construction in Western Anatolia to demonstrate how humans have managed to deal with changing environmental conditions.

Professor Klaus Reicherter from the RWTH Institute of Neotectonics and Natural Hazards at RWTH Aachen University, Rector’s Delegate for the Collaboration with India, was very pleased with the success of the event, which received support from the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.