From the Basic Research Experiment Through to the Process or Material


New issue of the "RWTH Themen" science magazine now available.


The current issue of the RWTH Themen magazine is centered around projects undertaken by the University’s “Molecular Science & Engineering” profile area, all of which receive funding from Germany’s Excellence Initiative.

In 17 contributions, scientists from the profile area present their research activities at the crossroads between the natural sciences, engineering, and the life sciences. The aim of the profile area is to generate fundamental knowledge and know-how on the design and development of molecular transformations, processes and materials in order to be better able to address the global challenges in the areas of health, nutrition, energy, and the environment.

Plant Protection Using Micro Containers Attached to Plant Leaves

Sustainable agriculture and the reduction of pesticides are required to provide the world’s increasing population with healthy food. Plant protection products must be rain-resistant to keep crops safe from pests after rainfall. This also helps prevent the release of plant protection productsinto the environment and thus into the food chain.

By pooling RWTH’s expertise in polymer synthesis and protein engineering, a research team succeeded in developing the “greenRelease” technology: with the help of tailor-made anchor peptides, microgel containers can be stably attached to the surface of plant leaves.

These containers are soft porous polymer can be ‘filled’ with plant health compounds which are released either continuously or through external stimuli such as humidity or temperature) over a long period of time.

Other magazine contributions report on “proteins as the nano machines of cells,” “translational tumor medicine,” and “self-cleaning on superhydrophobic surfaces.”

The RWTH Themen (de) issue on Molecular Science & Engineering is available for download. If you are interested in receiving a print copy, please contact the or call us at +49 241 80 94322.